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Recommended needle size = 5-6mm
Banana yarn, unique handmade art yarn.
Grams: 1 x 100 grams
Yardage: 80 Yards approximately
Wash: Handwash cold with light detergent.

Often described as a vegan alternative to silk, banana fibre has the versatility of silk. This yarn has been spun tightly to form a strong, thick yarn with a gorgeous sheen and a lovely slubby texture.
Banana fibre comes from the bark of banana trees, which are indigenous to many parts of the world. Banana Fiber is extracted from the banana tree bark. The trunk is peeled. Brown-green skin is thrown away retaining the cleaner or white portion which will be processed into knotted fibers. The extracted fibers are sun-dried which whitens the fiber.

Steeped in history, the banana fibre has been in use since the 16th century to make rope, cords, textiles and clothing.

These skeins have been handspun by women's collectives in India. By buying these yarns we support these women, give them the chance to run their own businesses and earn their own income and they can afford to send their children to school. Ethical yarn does not have to cost the earth!

100 g
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