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Merino wool tops 21 microns

Dyed Merino tops 21 micron.
Merino is possibly the best wool you can find and perfect for felting, needlefelting and spinning.
Merino wool is a very soft, fine wool. Best for next-to-the-skin wool. Easiest to felt. Good for making thin, floppy felt. Merino wool has long been treasured as blankets for babies and adults alike, as well as winter apparel, sport clothing, and athletic wear.
Merino, unlike some other natural fibres, is naturally elastic. It is the nature of Merino fibre to "bounce back".
Merino is ideal for clothes that come into contact with body sweat as compared to synthetics. It will absorb this moisture (up to 30% of its own weight) before releasing it resulting in less smelly garments and less washing.
Will Merino cause scratching if worn next to my skin? No, because wool generally starts to feel scratchy at a fibre thickness in the region of 27 micron, so at 18.5 to 23 micron it lies below this line. It makes comfortable next-to-skin wear as it is much softer and more elastic than "ordinary" wool. Merino clothes are extremely easy to care for due to its natural qualities
Wool was imported from South America, then dyed with commercial acid dyes which conform with Oeko-Tex 100 quality system.  It's non-toxic, colour fast and baby-safe.
Merino is a natural "smart fibre". It can help keep your body warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. The structure of the wool is responsible for this. The many curly fibres hold a lot of air, which is warming and insulating.

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