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Katerina Korshun

Fluffs of wool are separated, meticulously laid, gently touched, tapped and patted, sprinkled with water, soaped, pressed and beaten, caressed, massaged and kneaded, rubbed and rolled, and again and again. – Finally rinsed and dried. This is how felt is created by the hands of Katerina Korshun.
Katerina was born in 1982 in Kazakhstan, studied in Belarus.

She has been engaged in artistic activities since she was 17 years old, and her university education in fashion design is reflected in her work.

Four years ago, she moved to Prague where she started to work independently in her field. At about the same time she discovered and developed for herself a method of wool felting by hand which immediately intrigued her.

This fascination found an expression in her designs and handmade creations focused on modern interior textile and fashion. Gradually she mastered the technique and now she excels in it.

She also organizes and leads courses on felting in which she introduces this fascinating felting method to anyone interested. Her students come from all over the world.

At this web pages, Katerina presents her collection of interior textiles and accessories which are inspired by her rambles in the beautiful Tuscany region. The entire collection has been made by hand by a method of wet felting of natural wool combined with linen and silk fabrics.

Felt is a very pleasant, smooth, soft, flexible and light material. It has a wonderful surface comprising of thousands of thickly interlocked hair thin natural fibres. During the production felt is remarkably pliable and once finished it is very strong and retains its form; this is what makes it ideal.

As Katerina uses solely natural materials, her designs encourage us to establish a harmonious bond with nature. She wants us to let nature step in our homes, and asks us to surround ourselves with genuine things which in return will enrich us with their beauty, warmth and intimate creative energy.

The collection comprising of wall canvases, spreads, cushions, lampshades and other interior accessories aims at evoking the unique intimacy and cosiness of home.

The fibres and threads of inspiration lead to Tuscany. Katerina Korshun would also like to invite you to come and see her photographs which originated during her rambles across the genuine Italian countryside. Surround yourselves with the diverse textures of Tuscany fields, wrap yourselves in clouds, mist and haze and enjoy the fresh sparkling spring which arouses the feeling of life in you and which fills you with a desire to create.