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Banana yarn and fibre

Often described as a vegan alternative to silk, banana fibre has the versatility of silk and a glorious lustre. The beautiful white yarn can be dyed into vibrant shades without losing the fabulous glossy character. The yarn feels lovely and soft and will add an element of luxury to any project.

An excellent yarn for all types of textile projects requiring soft colours and a smooth texture including knitting and crochet, weaving, braids and tassels and embellishment within quilts, patchwork and embroidery.

Unlike the yarns spun from recycled fabrics, this banana yarn has a more even texture and is actually dyed in batches, so just remember that these dyelots may change slightly from batch to batch, so order enough to complete your project.  

Recomened needle size = 5-6mm
Grams: 1 x 100 grams
Yardage: 80 Yards approx
Wash: Handwash cold with light detergent.